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1595, Route de La Vernade 07110 Vinezac

Phone : (+33) 06 11 76 60 10


1595, Route de La Venade 07110 Vinezac

Phone : (+33) 06 11 76 60 10


Lengarnayre - 07230 Chandolas

Phone : (+33) 04 75 39 08 32

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The groupement ardèche architecture regroups 18 firms gathering all the corporate bodies necessary for the realisation of your home (architect, bricklayer, carpenter, plumber, electrician). This association of firm allows you therefore to be dealing with a single interlocutor during the purchase of your ground or house as well as for the building or the rehabilitation of your home in Ardèche.

Your home in Ardèche realized by professionals

We offer for your plan the realisation of personalized plans or "turnkey houses"

"Choosing ga-a, it's the insurance of a quality job respecting the rules of art."


  • Respect jobs envisaged in delays
  • Accomplish jobs with workers anxious about the quality of their job
  • Use quality products only
  • Work with an adapted equipment correspondent to the norms of security
  • Respect environment and leave places in a perfect state of cleanness
  • Assure accomplished works
  • Perform a detailed study of prices


  • South Ardèche
  • Gard

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