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Discover Ardeche

The Ardèche is located in south-eastern France. Because of its location between the Auvergne and Provence, the climate and vegetation affected both continental and southern influences. It is a region with many faces, where nature and traditions are closely linked. Chestnut alongside silence, peaks, plateaus, deep valleys and caves fascinating. Furthermore, this region should strongly suitable for athletes more or less experienced, young and old, by among others the practice of kayaking in the gorges of Ardeche.

The Ardèche has a rich and varied heritage, because here since prehistoric times, man has continued to build and leaving us traces. Dolmens, terraces (dry stone walls), perched high villages, Romanesque churches ... Many of these villages have acquired the label "character village" or "most beautiful villages in France" by responding to a bill that combines quality of the environment, hospitality and animation.

Over time, nature has evolved for us to deliver natural sites such as the Gorges of Ardeche, a nature reserve, the Pont d'Arc (60 meters high natural arch), scored "Grand site de France ", the Forest of Paiolive : white oak forest and eroded rocks giving rise to natural ghostly sculptures, the Cave Chauvet, natural valleys of Beaume and Drobie, the foothills of the Cevennes, the chain Tanargue, the Corniche of the Vivarais, Cevenol or Ridge Road, Cirque de Gens and défilés de Ruoms, the Natural Park of Monts d'Ardèche...

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